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1. This novel was a HNS (Historical Novel Society) Editor’s Choice (indie novels) in February 2012. It was also shortlisted for the 2014 inaugural HNS Annual Indie Award.



Helen Hollick (Managing Editor of HNS Indie Reviews) wrote, “Bill Page knows his history and knows

how to write – this is the standard of self-publishing that all independent authors should aim at…”


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(Helen Hollick is also the author of the highly-praised King Arthur Trilogy (The Kingmaking, etc), the Saxon Novels (Harold the King, etc) and the Sea Witch novels (featuring Captain Jesamiah Acorne, pirate)



2. Carla Nayland on 23rd July 2011, wrote: “As well as a journey through the geographical landscapes, the novel is at least as much a journey through the spiritual landscapes of Late Roman Britain. Roman gods, British goddesses, and the soldiers’ cult of Mithras and Christianity all play a role, and the ancient myth of Persephone and her abduction by Hades is a key component.”


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(Carla Nayland is the author of the acclaimed Paths of Exile, a novel set in the early 7th century among the turbulent kingdoms of northern Britain).



3. Sir Read-A-Lot on 22nd May 2012 wrote: “Bill Page has set the bar for independently published works extremely high. If any writer is considering an assisted publishing service or similar entity to get their novel into print, I can offer one simple piece of advice – read this book… This book was a pleasure to read and I thoroughly recommend it.”


(Sir Read-A-Lot (Stuart MacAllister) is a reviewer and blogger “Crusading to promote high quality historical fiction.”)


In September 2012 Sower became one of the first novels to receive his Golden Hammer & Anvil Shield Award, signifying that,

“It is a book which is truly special, whose story is impeccably crafted, where the author has taken care to ensure his manuscript is properly

edited and prepared to a professional standard and where the story evokes thought and emotion long after the final sentence has been read.”  



4. 5 Star Review posted on Amazon by Alex Morgan on 16th November 2012.


“This is a clever book and works on several levels. At one level it is a good adventure story set in late Roman Britain regarding a search for lost treasure… At a deeper level it has distinctly mysterious undertones concerning the dying days of old pagan beliefs…”


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Awards and Reviews for The Sower of the Seeds of Dreams

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1. Carla Nayland on 20th April 2010 wrote:


“Beautifully described, otherworldly evocation of the landscape, religions and beliefs of Late Roman Britain… This is a world in which a change in the weather, a shift in the wind, a dream or a half-seen figure glimpsed out of the corner of the eye in a town street or a woodland path can all be seen as omens, signs from the gods…”


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2. 5 Star Review posted on Amazon by Alex Morgan on 3rd November 2012.


“A hidden gem… A pity the author is not as widely known as he deserves.”


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Reviews for The Moon on the Hills


1. This novel was reviewed by the HNS (Historical Novel Society) in November 2015. It was an Editor’s Choice and in January 2016 was SHORTLISTED for the 2016 HNS Annual Indie Award.









The review (by Jim Burnside) said, “Bill Page clearly has an infectious and scholarly insight into late Roman Britain, which he sets as a colourful background for One Summer in Arcadia. This referential framework permeates all aspects of his compelling story without ever becoming obtrusive or seeming academic …” Read the full review at:  


2. 5 Star Review posted on Amazon by Alex Morgan on 21st October 2015:

“This third novel in the series works well on several levels … It is intriguing in the way the author intertwines various different themes to make a compelling story based on a real archaeological find …” (ie. the Spoonley Wood Bacchus)

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Awards and Reviews for One Summer in Arcadia

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Three good reviews for Moon, Sower and Arcadia have been posted by Jane Rawoof on the U.S. website Library Thing.

You can find them at